The color blue dominated the menswear spring/summer 2013 Fashion Week runways. This is not a particularly groundbreaking trend, since denim is a staple in everyone’s closet, however, this season, expect the color (in every possible shade) to seep into other aspects of your wardrobe. Since Melbourne is currently experiencing the harsh reality of winter, navy blue is the perfect shade of blue to suit the frigid days ahead.

This week’s Fashionisto embraced the trend by pairing a navy two-tone jumper with his classic denim jeans. However, because a blue-on-blue outfit may be too fashion-forward for everyday life, he added gray elements in his outfit to break up the blues. The combination of blue and gray is one that has been consistently worn by Fashionistos because it guarantees a cool, laid-back outfit. It gives the look an effortless feel, which is perfect for Melbourne students. This Fashionisto’s DKNY sweater lets people know that he is fashion-savvy and brings some interest into an otherwise plain outfit.

So if you’re out of outfit ideas, simply turn to the color of the season. This is such an easy color to work with as it should already by living in your wardrobe. Blue complements almost every color, so whether you pair it with whites, blacks, grays or tans, blue is the way to go!

Hint: If you’re enjoying the strong rays of the summer sun at this time of year, colbalt, aqua and pastel blues are just right. These bright, vibrant shades are bound to attract some attention by the beach or pool while incorporating some fun into your outfit. You can even mix it with other trends, such as stripes, to dress like the true Fashionisto you are!

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