LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Fifty Shades of Gray

Everyone at some point has fallen victim to the rainy day blues. At the very least, we’ve all experienced a day when the weather has foiled our plans for the perfect outfit. What is a Fashionisto to do when the tank and shorts he picked out for the day are no longer appropriate for his sudden indoor activities?

This Fashionisto exhibits a couple pieces of style advice for those days when you’ve got to alter your wardrobe plans. He rocks the casual button-down, creating layers to his top that can be unbuttoned or removed altogether if the sun begins to shine. The thin material of his shirt also allows for breathing room, and if the rain does begin to pour on him it will dry more quickly than a thicker shirt would.

When the clouds begin to gather, perhaps the most difficult choice is whether you should risk getting your legs wet by wearing shorts or having to trudge around in soaking pants all day. These dark jeans are a perfect fit for the weather because the black shade of them won’t show dampness if storms arrive. The choice of sneakers over sandals is also a sound one, making a sprint in the rain easier to accomplish.

Sometimes walking around in the rain wearing a bright floral shirt doesn’t exactly look natural. The shades of this outfit reflect the dreariness of the outside with various grays and blacks. These items don’t draw too much attention to themselves but are still noticeable amid rare glimmers of sunlight.

Hint: If you’re looking to add a versatile fabric to your wardrobe, try denim on for size. Whether you’re sporting a lightweight bleached button-up or dark dyed jeans like these, denim can be worn in whatever weather you’re facing. Though these pants are useful for hiding raindrop spots, they can also be worn for semi-formal occasions or late night escapades.

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