Let’s talk about one of the hardest trends for men to pull off…flip flops. I don’t know what it is about the summer staple shoe but I find that so many men just can’t get it right. Gentlemen, the key to looking stylish while sporting sandals is to one: stick to leather classic styles, and two: to keep your look casual and laid back.

I love how this Fashionisto kept his look light and summery. Here he sports relaxed fit chino pants that are the perfect complement to his surfer style Rainbow sandals. The reason this outfit looks so runway ready is because he chooses to roll up the bottom of his pants making him appear casually elegant. I’m all about enforcing all you Fashionistos to try this tip out! The look should be a little rough, as if you quickly rolled up your pant legs before disembarking in your Jeep Wrangler to scope out the island’s biggest swells. The “I didn’t spend any time on this” look is exactly what flip flops need to be used for. Adorably chic outfits can be so easily ruined when men pair sandals that seem out of place in the look. So be sure to invest a little bit of effort in that undone look.

Backpacks fall into the same category as flip flops for men. I personally love a backpack for myself as well. They are great for carrying laptops, notebooks and all the other necessities of life. However, they can so often make a look seem more sensible than stylish, which strays Fashionistas/os from sporting these bags. Well who says you can’t be practical and trendy all at the same time? Recently Herschel Supply Co. bags have been trending all over college campuses. Their vintage yet simple aesthetic make them modern and cool so that they appeal to young adult market. This Fashionisto slings his oversized pack over his shoulders to enhance instead of distract from his super stylish look.

Hint: This casual dot print button-down works wonderfully for going to class or walking around the city, but if you want more of a weekend look try styling rolled chinos, leather flip flops and a hip backpack with a printed tank. The look will be more appropriate for a beach or barbecue setting. Sun’s out, guns out boys!

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