This Fashionisto was caught wearing an effortless ensemble that mixes both color and style in a unique way of its own. As if this Fashionisto’s smile wasn’t enough to catch people’s eyes as he walked down the street, the bright accent colors that he paired together force people to look at him without being too flashy.

The base of this outfit, dark-wash jeans and a graphic T-shirt, perfectly echoes this Fashionisto’s laid back, yet ambitious and well, put together, attitude. An outfit so plain  can sometimes be mistaken as not caring about what one is wearing, but this Fashionisto mastered the art of taking something that starts out being so simple and molding it to perfectly exemplify the attitude and personality of the person wearing it.

Accessories are key when it comes to self-expression. While the amount of accessories that this Fashionisto is wearing may seem overwhelming at first, if one learns how to mix and match properly, such a daunting task can be perfectly executed.

His black and red Oakley hat and classic, black Ray-Bans are two subtle accessories that match his outfit flawlessly. His orange watch is what catches people’s eyes from afar, and his brightly colored Adidas shoes are what really put some personality into his outfit.

This outfit is perfect for any multitude of summertime events. Whether it’s catching up with friends or hanging out with family or even taking out the special someone you’ve been crushing on, this outfit is a sure way to impress your audience.

Hint: If you really wanted to stand out in a crowd, pair a brightly colored watch with an outfit based around the same bright color.

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