LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: From Coast to Coast

Have you ever wished you could teleport from one city to the next? So many questions go through my head when I think about that. Where would I go? When would I go? Most importantly, what would I wear that would fit in with both locations?

If anyone would be easily teleported from one city to another, it would be this Fashionisto. His ensemble gives off so many different vibes. He could be anywhere from the Hamptons, to the upper east side of New York, to on a yacht off of Southern California. Heck, you might even find him in GQ!

One piece that would help this Fashionisto out a lot if it came to switching cities are his white pants. They are perfect for the summer and are so versatile. You can throw on a cardigan and a shirt with your white pants or throw on a blazer like this Fashionisto did and present yourself with the utmost amount of class. His navy blue blazer is the perfect color to contrast the white pants, and is a good pick instead of black because it brings in a lot of color. His checkered blue and white button-down complement both his blazer and the pants by incorporating both colors in it. The pattern is also eye-catching because the rest of the outfit is made up of solid patterns.

Probably my favorite item that this Fashionisto is wearing is his pocket square. I couldn’t tell you the last time I saw a college student sporting one! It’s such a fabulous accessory that really helps balance out the outfit more, especially in this case. Once again, this Fashionisto is playing around with both blue and white. His white pocket square has a blue trim that helps tie it into the rest of the outfit. Finally, he tops everything off with a brown watch, brown belt and matching brown loafers.

This Fashionisto’s fashion forward outfit is definitely one that could be spotted anywhere around the nation, and that is key if you want to dress to impress!

Hint: To keep your outfit from feeling more put together even if outsiders can’t see it, purchase a set of black suspenders for yourself that you know you can use for years to come.

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