Personally, if you ask me I think that one of the very best college experiences you could get is being able to attend all of the sporting events! There’s nothing quite like tailgating all day, painting some school colors on your face and cheering until you have no voice left. While Northern Arizona University isn’t exactly famous for their sports teams, I originally attended the University of Arizona. Which if you ask me, is a school that lives for sports. That’s why when I saw this Fashionisto wearing a Wildcat jersey I had to make note about his outfit.

For men, jerseys seem to always be a crucial part of their wardrobe. Whether it be basketball, football or baseball there’s always some sport for men to revolve around, which makes jerseys the perfect and most practical accessory to wear to any sporting event. However, this Fashionisto found a more casual day-to-day use to wear his jersey. By wearing a pair of khaki shorts instead of athletic shorts it makes his outfit less laid back and ready for any type of activity— from going out to lunch with parents or simply hanging out with friends.

I love that he matches the red accent color on his jersey with a red Crooks & Castles hat. By doing this he brings color to his outfit but doesn’t overwhelm himself in University of Arizona gear. This shows that he has other interests than just sports. Lastly, he adds a neutral colored watch that can be paired with any color jersey he chooses.

Hint: Remember that while attending a sporting event it looks normal to be decked out in your teams attire, but for day-to-day wear keep it minimal to one or two items. You don’t want your outfit to look too overbearing.

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