I was shopping with my two sisters at the St. John’s Town Center, Jacksonville’s outdoor mall, when we decided to relax and sit on a bench. I took this as an opportunity to look for a Fashionisto. I was hoping to find him dressed differently from my previous posts. When this Fashionisto walked toward us with his friends, I told my sisters he was the perfect find!

What caught my eye? He was so well coordinated from head to toe, and he was clearly proud of his well put together outfit. I loved that he was brightly neon colored, but he paired it with black – he’s going for the glow of a “rave” look. He begins with his lime green and black snapback hat and carries the hat through to his black tank, which is adorned with lime green graffiti-like writing and outlining. Then, to throw off the outfit and make it a little more accidental, he chooses a tie-dye whitewashed pair of blue jeans. But to bring it back together, he’s wearing Nike black basketball shoes with lime green accents and lettering. He finishes his outfit with a silver chain necklace and wristbands on each wrist.

Hint: To get this look, you’re going to have to show that you are trying to have style, which totally okay because it’s a casual outfit and you won’t be trying too hard! Pair your choice of blue jeans with brightly colored, graffiti-like writing on a solid color tank and whichever color you choose, carry it throughout the outfit from hat to shoes. You’ll be ready to glow at your next rave – or shopping trip!

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