You know when you walk into a store and immediately your eye is drawn to something so unique and so interesting, you just have to pick it up? Well, that was how I found this Fashionisto. With a shirt like that, how could he not catch me eye?

This Fashionisto’s shirt caught my attention with its cool graphic print. I later learned that this pattern is well known with Phish fans, and it is a hard item to come by item! Wearing T-shirts with prints is a great way to dress up an otherwise typical look. You don’t have to do any extra work to make your outfit stand out, the print does that for you! Patterned T-shirts are always a good option, especially in the summer, because it’s an easy way to add a dose of style to your look while still staying cool and comfortable.

But be weary, Fashionistos. Just wearing a cool T-shirt doesn’t make an outfit, take care to put together the rest of your ensemble! That’s something I really liked about this Fashionisto’s outfit. He takes the T-shirt and makes it into an entire look — he doesn’t just put on his shirt and ignore the rest. The slim fit khakis are a great staple to own, you can dress them up or down and they’re easy to wear through all seasons. They come in many different shades of khaki, but I like the way this Fashionisto paired a darker colored shirt with lighter pants, the contrast is a much sharper look than dark on dark or light on light.

As a connoisseur of men’s fashion, I have developed an affinity for their footwear and one of my absolute favorite options is Clarks’ Desert Boots. I think they look great on any guy with any type of style. Going for the preppy look? Desert Boots look awesome with navy khakis and a striped button-down. Doing something a little more hipster with your outfit? Desert Boots are awesome with cuffed dark wash jeans and a concert tee. They’re versatile, comfortable, durable and go with nearly everything.

A simple brown leather watch completes his outfit, and he’s ready for a stylish summer day. Sometimes, all it takes is a cool T-shirt to kick your wardrobe up a notch.

Hint: Try mixing in more wintry items, like leather shoes, to get more life out of them. Adding a leather shoe to an outfit like this can ground it and add a touch of unexpected style.

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