As a tomboy, I have a love for three things: oversized clothing, layers and masculine accessories. They bring something to the table that I can only find in the men’s section sometimes and it’s so refreshing.

It is summertime Fashionistos and as beautiful as the weather is in Hampton (finally), layers are still trending! Of course, lightweight is suggested because although tardy, the sun is out to play in full affect.

This Fashionisto caught my full attention immediately and the first question I asked was, “Are you hot?” He laughed and said, “No,” and began to explain that his layers are thin and thought out. He pairs a black A Bathing Ape graphic pocket tee with a plaid long sleeve with suede elbow patch inserts. I can’t get enough of rejuvenated grandfather sweaters that often have elbow patches so I fell in love instantly with that simple detail in his shirt.

Slim-fit jeans are also another thing trending in men’s fashion because they have the ultimate fit! Perfect for any size and occasion, they are nothing but flattering.

This Fashionisto exemplifies what I would refer to as “good boy grunge” because although he is going for (and succeeding!) the grungy effect with the added layer and hoodie tied around his waist, it is very clean cut and fashion-forward.

Hint: Don’t be fooled by the sunshine and rainbows, layers are perfect for the summer! There are breezy days amongst us and there’s no need to force any use of your winter wear. T-shirts and button-downs have been going together for as long peanut butter and jelly. It is comfortable and chic, two elements that are important to any Fashionisto or Fashionista!

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