The best Fashionistas and Fashionistos can spot a good outfit from a mile away, but sometimes, amazing style can be right under your nose! That was the case for this week when I was taking a walk by the lake near my house and ran into this sharp dresser.

It’s easy for Fashionistos to slack off during the summer, especially when grabbing a T-shirt and gym shorts is so simple. But this guy knows how to keep it casual, while also staying stylish. His shirt is the centerpiece of the outfit, and although it may be just a T-shirt, this J.Crew shirt has a slimmer cut and a muted bright color that sets it apart from just any T-shirt in your closet. The faded coral allows him to utilize the bright color trend in an easier way that is more transferrable to day-to-day life. With a good fit and soft color, any Fashionisto can take a T-shirt from boring gym attire to a statement-making closet staple.

Continuing his theme of a muted color palette, this Fashionisto chose a pair of pale blue kahki shorts which complement the coral of his shirt nicely. This color can be really versatile and would be great as pants too. It’s such a light blue that it almost becomes a neutral, similar to denim, which as we all know is one of the essentials for everyone’s wardrobe. Shorts like these will not only match many things in your closet, but they will carry you through countless summers, as neutrals never go out of style!

Guys have a limited selection of accessories compared to girls, but watches are one thing that can really dress up an outfit. This Fashionisto has a cool two-toned watch with mixed material, which adds some interest to his outfit. Watches are always a nice touch and contribute to a more complete overall look.

What really sets this Fashionisto’s outfit apart from any guy on the lake are his shoes.  These cool Vans are an awesome alternative to flip flops for summer. They are lightweight, neutral and easy to slip on and off. They look great with his outfit and add that extra touch of style that makes his ensemble unique. You can really tell if a guy has a good sense of fashion by his shoes — and I’d say, this Fashionisto knows what’s cool for summer 2013.

Hint: There are many different styles of watches out there — find one that fits yours! If your look is more sophisticated, try a silver link watch. If your summer involves a lot of activity in the water, check out a waterproof sports watch.  If you’re looking for an everyday item, you can never go wrong with simple leather watches.

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