This week’s featured Fashionisto is all about looking sharp, so I recommend taking a few tips from his outfit. His inspiration for fashion is no other than the director Christopher Nolan. He is the one who has directed movies such as the Dark Knight and Inception. This Fashionisto is intrigued with Nolan’s interviews and told me that no matter what situation Nolan is in while directing, he is always dressed up and likes to have things looking professional.  The great part about all of this is that this Fashionisto’s major is Film and Digital Arts. So it’s no surprise that his overall motivation for everyday fashion is motion picture.

Most of this Fashionisto’s wardrobe comes from Express. His impeccable style, from head to toe, is something to look out for.  What really captured my attention about this stylish Fashionisto is the way he put his look together. His outfit matched and nothing meshed together, which is what brought together this formal look. He bought his gray suit pants, plaid button-down and belt from Express. His stunning sunglasses are from Calvin Klein and his dress shoes are from Steve Madden.

Hint: If you want to sport this kind of look, here are some tips. If you want to go super formal, I would suggest adding a skinny tie, like this one from Express. I would also go with a solid colored button-down. Choose a darken one to complement the gray jeans. With these few suggestions you could show off this outfit to your friends while going out for a movie night!

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