One of the trendiest pastimes of Fashionistos everywhere is the art of golf. Whether they are training to be the next Tiger Woods, or they are simply just picking up a golf club in order to make their father happy, almost every Fashioniso on Long Island can attest to playing at least one round of golf over the summer. With that being said, dressing up to par (pun intended!) is a very important factor for anyone who is looking to be a successful golfer.

More likely than not, any golf club that you attend has a relatively strict dress code already in place such as “No basketball shorts” and “No sneakers,” but picking out the perfect outfit is still a challenge. This Fashionisto did a perfect job picking out an outfit that is not only perfect for 18 holes, but also perfect for lunch at the afterwards.

This Fashionisto’s peach polo is the perfect color for any summer day. Aside from being a great piece that will help him stand out to others, it also can be paired with any multitude of other colors. The khaki chinos that this Fashionisto chose to complete his ensemble are perfect because they go nicely with the shirt and the black belt and shoes allow to create some contrast in the look.

So next time that you’re getting ready to play a round of golf with some old friends or heading out to the course to celebrate your dad’s birthday, keep in mind that even though you are playing a sport, it is possible to be fashionable too!

Hint: To make this look more appropriate for an afternoon out on the town with your very special significant other and make it feel more relaxed, you can ditch the chinos and swap them out for a pair of plaid shorts that match the peach and a pair of sandals.

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