There are certain staples that should appear in every Fashionisto’s closet: a pair of perfect fitting jeans, a tailored blazer, a pair of loafers and, of course, a white button-down.

The white button-down is pretty much a classic Americana piece. The crisp, clean look is rather transformative and can take you just about anywhere. When paired with a suit and tie, the white button-down is formal and business-appropriate. But the white button-down can also take you “after hours,” as illustrated by this Fashionisto. The key in his casual approach all comes down to styling. This Fashionisto ditches the tie and gives his neck a break by undoing the first few buttons. He then rolls up the sleeves and untucks the button-down. The end result? A completely transformed button-down.

Hint: Adding to his casual look is the rest of the garments in his ensemble. This Fashionisto’s fitted, olive chinos are the perfect weekend pant. They are cool, casual and while still looking put together. They are a great choice for a busy weekend spent running errands, brunching with friends and even grabbing a cup of coffee with your lady. Top off the look with a pair of sunnies and desert boots and your classic white button-down is suddenly unrecognizable.

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