LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Keeping it Casual

For some students, summer isn’t the time to relax. For some, it’s the optimum time to throw together a casual outfit before they rush to class. At Indiana University you’ll find that everybody’s definition of a casual outfit varies. There are some guys that mainly sport gym shorts and there are others that wear oversized jeans paired with big shirts. I get it, we want to be comfy when we’re in class or while we’re studying. But there are ways to incorporate style into comfortable clothing. So I went on a search, to find the perfect Fashionisto to show Indiana University’s campus that you can still follow the summer trends while staying comfy! I looked through campus during its prime hours and finally found the Fashionisto who possessed the perfect mix of trends and comfort in his outfit.

This Fashionisto sports a T-shirt with a pair of coral pink shorts and gray shoes. The coral pink shorts and shoes were the two deciding factors that differentiated him from other students. The solid black T-shirt helps by not taking away from the other two pieces in his outfit, so if you’re looking for both comfort and style try a solid dark V-neck. Pair this choice with a pair of pastel shorts to help bring in some summer trends. By using these tips you too can be casually stylish during summer school.

Hint: Pastels are always great to help your outfit get a hint of color. You can wear pastel shorts or pants to create any sort of feel you want, it just depends on the other items in your outfit. When paired with a T-shirt it gives you that casual feel, but when paired with a button-up you can transform your look to have a classy feel — it’s your choice!


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