If you’ve read some of my earlier posts, you know that I love Burberry and Cole Haan. I always like when I see other people wearing brands that I love. I feel like it validates that the clothes I wear are cool.

I was ecstatic to find this Fashionisto walking around campus in both Burberry and Cole Haan but still looking casual. Although one might consider these labels to be worn only in dressy situations, he appears laid-back. His Burberry polo shows that he invests in his appearance and I love how the print pops out at the collar.

His jeans look great! This is the part of the outfit that dresses it down but doesn’t make it look messy or frumpy. My favorite wash is medium, which is what I would consider these pair to be. The fit is absolutely perfect and brings the eye down to my favorite part of his outfit, the shoes.

I love these shoes! The color, the style, the look, everything about them! This style is particularly popular and the olive green color will be trendy this fall. The rubber soles and laces make the shoes seem more casual and comfortable than leather dress shoes. Cole Haan and other brands have been making these shoes in an array of fun colors. Stay classic like him or be bold with a bright sole!

Hint: Dress up your casual outfit! If you’re like me, you have few nice pieces that you saved up for but probably don’t wear very often. Sometimes we have to be reminded that we should wear the nicer pieces we own. They weren’t made to sit in your closet. Try incorporating one of your prized possessions with a pair of jeans or casual shorts. It will give your casual look an instant upgrade!

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