With the school year reserved for stress and Ramen, the summer is for late nights and relaxation; so why shouldn’t your wardrobe fit within those parameters? Of course I appreciate a well-tailored and thoughtfully arranged outfit, but this time of year calls for cotton tees and barbecue stained pants.

On a warm night I decided to take a walk through one of Madison’s little parks when I happened to stumble upon a group of guys hanging out. Ignoring the fact he was playing catch with some friends, I stole this Fashionisto away to take a picture of his summer ensemble. Comfortable, yet functional as a day or nightwear piece, the pairing of his chino shorts with a layered top work perfectly.

He effortlessly contrasted his burgundy T-shirt with a green sweatshirt, creating something more than a “playing catch” outfit. It’s the way the colors work with each other; they’re not too harsh, nor too subtle. Finding the right hue of green can be tricky because some complexions aren’t complimentary with certain shades. This week’s Fashionisto did a great job finding a soft green that will work with multiple outfits. Try this sweatshirt out from American Apparel to update the neutral colors sweatshirts normally operate within.

Although no yacht in sight, this Fashionisto matched a pair of boat shoes to his casual summer getup. These shoes seem to be a college Fashionisto favorite and I can see why; they work with every outfit. More polished than sneakers and more casual than dress shoes, boat shoes like these are a necessity for summertime.

Hint: Layering is an important word to understand when coordinating an outfit. If it is overdone you can look stuffy or most importantly sweat your face off. In the summer, only layer if the fabrics are compliant, otherwise you’ll wish you hadn’t done it in the first place. Layering allows the reuse of certain pieces without it looking repeated.

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