It’s summertime, and what more perfect way to enjoy the summer than dressing in summer colors and enjoying the weather? This Fashionisto pulls off his outfit perfectly. His colored shorts blend well with his striped button-down shirt. Colored shorts are very in style, especially the color salmon. Summer brings out colors most guys would not wear in the winter or fall. He’s wearing a blue striped shirt and spices up the look by adding Sperry Top-Siders. Sperrys are very popular at the moment for both men and women. This Fashionisto has the “frat boy” look down by adding a pair of aviators and a black watch.

Accessories are just as important for guys as they are for girls. The wrong shoes can completely throw off an outfit. Accessorizing can be difficult but when dressing like a preppy “frat boy,” it is always a good idea to stick to boat shoes. Throwing on sunglasses and a watch is an added bonus.

Hint: To pull off this look, it is important to find the perfect summer-colored shorts. It is just as important to match your shirt as well. You can get a plain-colored polo with matching Sperrys. Accessories to add should include sunglasses, a watch and you can even throw on a handmade bracelet to add to the perfect summer look.

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