I noticed this Fashionisto as he was bopping along to his music and walking down a Richmond street. It was immediately apparent that he loved whatever he was listening to and was greatly appreciating the music. This passion only intensified his already fashionable ensemble, which I noticed secondly.

The Fashionisto wears a cuffed plaid button-down shirt. He is among many who are proving plaid is still a staple pattern among men’s fashion. He pairs the shirt with a deep indigo denim jean. The contrast from the light to dark hues makes each piece pop, while still matching as a whole look.

The perfect briefcase tops off the Fashionisto’s preppy, yet edgy look. While many men may think carrying a bag is silly or unnecessary, they couldn’t be more wrong. It is not only practical, it is an essential item among the business community. Carrying a briefcase makes you look professional, important and organized, which are key attributes to exude in college and post-graduation.

This Fashionisto’s look portrays him as a dedicated student and a hard-worker, and also as someone who likes to have fun and enjoy hobbies. This is something all students strive for — creating that balance.

Hint: When putting together this look, make sure to keep your top light and bottoms dark to achieve that lush contrast. Try including more accessories, like a bold watch or a fedora, in order to add more elements and depth to your outfit. Also, when listening to music on campus or when you’re out, show off your musical style through your headphones. Beats by Dre or other eccentric headphones are another perfect accessory for the outfit!

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