The word “camouflage” literally means to hide or conceal through disguise. While traditionally the camouflage pattern has been used to do just that; as of late, camo has been used in fashion to make a statement and standout.

Designers from Patrik Ervell to Mark McNairy and, most recently, Dries Van Noten have put out collections inspired by camouflage. These heavy hitters put their fashion and modern spin on the traditional print. The result?  Camo is the new hot print.

This Fashionisto has nothing to hide as he sports a pair of camouflage pants. His pants are not the traditional, baggy cargo style worn my Army recruits or hunters. Instead, this Fashionisto’s pair is a more tight-fitting, almost harem style pant. The slim-fit silhouette comes across more polish and fashion-forward then the traditional cargo pant. Even in a crowd, this Fashionisto’s pants stand out.

Hint: When wearing camo, keep the rest of your look rather simple. However, simple does not mean boring. This Fashionisto paired his camouflage pants with a loose fitting black tank top, duffel and leather hat. The consistency of the black elements really unifies the look while letting the pants take center stage.

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