There’s something about foreigners that makes a girl drool. It may be the fact that they make our hearts skip a beat the way they roll their Rs or emphasize certain words. Or it could be that their exoticness gives us a rush of excitement. Or maybe it’s the way we stand bewildered, like a deer caught in headlights, when they rock trends that most of us have yet to discover. In all honestly after much analyzing, calculating and frantically pacing back and forth in my bedroom I’ve come up with the answer: it’s all three!

There’s definitely something about foreign men but even more, there is something out of this town about this outfit. Besides his smile of course, the most ravishing element here is the Fashionisto’s leopard printed denim button-up. The Fashionisto keeps his style trendy with his denim short sleeves. But don’t let the leopard print scare you, it’s subtle enough that it makes this get-up fresh. Take notes, boys! This Fashionisto not only works this top admirably by nailing theses on-point trends but also by how he wore it. Just by buttoning up the collar and folding the sleeves a bit the Fashionisto sends off a retro ’50s vibe that has recently coming back in (YAY for us!). The Fashionisto continues this vibe by tucking his button-up into a pair of gray fitted jeans. The gray jeans are a perfect way to balance out the outfit without offsetting the feel of the ensemble. Lastly, the Fashionisto accessorizes with a brown leather belt and an impressive detailed watch.

Hint: If you’re going for the retro ’50s look (which we adore!) make sure you’re well groomed. This look works best with a clean-shaven face and well-groomed hair. By that I mean don’t just roll out of bed. This isn’t a laid back look, it requires some primp and attention (which may be why us girls love it so much). Do remember that everyone is different and it’s all about personal style. Meaning it’s totally okay to work a ’50s vibe with a bit of a rocker hairdo as long as you put some work into it.

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