You might not be Hawaiian and you might not live near a beach, but that’s no excuse for not wearing a floral print shirt. Summer is right in your face so learn how to converse with it. It’s a time for brighter and lighter fabrics, a concept that has been fully embraced by this Fashionisto’s entire look.

This young gun may be in high school but he’s still got something to teach you college dudes. Take a look at this boy’s floral print shirt. It carries a wonderful burst of blue, guava and pineapple. Bold and spot on, this shirt is the perfect statement piece of the summer. A floral print shirt is not only meant to have a summery vibe but is also meant to display your taste for whatever color palette. As much as it is a statement it is also an opportunity to showcase personality. In the case of this Fashionisto, he has made a choice of not accessorizing at all. A choice well made as all our attention is directed to his bright summer shirt. From this observation is something all you readers should remember: don’t wear something that’s going to take away from your statement piece. You’re meant to show it off.

Besides the floral print shirt, this Fashionisto is also showing off what most guys wouldn’t dare try — his thighs. This short has a shorter inseam in which it rests a inch or two higher than most shorts. Summer is the time when we actually sweat right? So why not wear shorts that actually allow your legs to breathe? Although the shorter inseam might not suit every guy’s taste, it is important to note the benefit of a shorter inseam. In this Fashionisto’s case one can see that the short’s length suits the length of the shirt and his overall body frame. A longer or roomier shirt might have required that this Fashionisto put on a longer pair of shorts. A definite peacock and a possible eccentric, you don’t have to be either to try out a floral print shirt. Just take a drip downtown when the sun is out, and you’ll have reason enough to be well dressed.

Hint: If you’re not so ready to tackle the floral print try out the dot print shirt.

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