LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Personal Preference

As most of you have probably figured out already, a lot of Rhode Island Fashionistos tend to wear similar styles. They most always go for the classic nautical look, but each has a hint of a certain Northeast staple that is signature to their look. Whether it be a color, an accessorie or a pair of Sperry Top-Siders, a Rhode Island favorite, they style it to their own personalities and preferences.

This Fashionisto is no stranger when it comes to showing his signature preference. Like most Fashionistos I’ve written about this summer semester, he wore a pair of classic and traditional Sperry Top-Siders. However, unlike the others he chose to rock a more daring choice, black leather. The pair of shoes contrasts perfectly with his yellow chino shorts from American Eagle. Pulling the look together is a blue and white checkered button-down. His look gives off the typical Rhode Island vibe while still embracing his keen eye for styling.

This is the perfect look if you’re trying to keep it simple. It’s classic with a little flair, yet can be used for any summer occasion. Whether you’re out sailing on the water or just exploring the Ocean State this outfit is a true Rhode Island staple.

Hint:┬áDon’t be afraid to channel your inner Fashionisto when it comes to accessorizing. A bold watch is always in style when it comes to dressing up an outfit. If you’re into the more casual look I suggest throwing on a baseball cap and hitting the road. You’ll always rock what fits your personality!

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