Taiwanese know how to enjoy their lives even though they are busy with their work. Some office ladies might spend their nap-time having an afternoon tea with their co-workers. While, some office men might wear fun accessories to make their look more charming. At least, people do something to make themselves feel better even though they work in a routine atmosphere every day.

I ran into this Fashionisto while he was enjoying a cup of coffee on the rooftop before he went back to his internship. He was a great example of enjoying his life while he was still working hard. Everywhere I looked I saw plaid. This week’s Fashionisto wore a light blue and pink plaid button-down giving the perfect mixture of summer shades. He wore it with a pair of jeans, incorporating the colors very perfectly. A pair of black Nike sneakers pulls the look together, keeping this Fashionisto in a fresh look.These are great shoes for most casual outfits. They’re stylish enough to help complete a look yet they don’t take away from the outfit.

A messenger bag can still come in handy, even though school might be over. This Fashionisto’s choice of this yellow messenger bag is as basic as they come and just about the ideal size to carry a few of your essentials. My favorite part of this bag was the design, which featured many little pockets that our Fashionisto said he couldn’t live without. He accessorizes his outfit with a silver watch with black leather.

Hint: Summer layering is all about what works best for you – keep it simple. Skinny shorts are great pieces to add to any outfit this summer and can help you achieve that balance.

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