The plain white T-shirt: made into a fashion statement by James Dean, and now buried in the bottom of your underwear drawer. Well Fashionistos, it’s time to pull out those wardrobe staples and make them a part of your daily routine. Let’s reinvent the one piece of clothing we all own and make it the canvas to create a whole outfit off of.

I spotted this Fashionisto sporting his plain white T-shirt in a very cool way while popping in a Starbucks one afternoon. He paired his with dark-wash slim jeans, which I think is one of the best denim fits guys, with his white T-shirt. Be weary of your jeans, as light washes can be tricky — they aren’t as versatile and have a tendency to look out of date when styled incorrectly. But if you stick with a darker wash, you will always be on point. In addition, the slim fit of his pair also keeps the look current, baggy jeans are never the better option! Opt for a skinnier fit with room to move around, after all, shouldn’t jeans be the most comfortable pants in your wardrobe?

One of my favorite things this Fashionisto does is add pops of color to his outfit in easy ways. The lime green Vans really stand out against the simplicity of his dark denim and white T-shirt. I’m all about accent colors, and neon footwear could not be more on-trend this season! This Fashionisto interpreted the trend in his own way by not going overboard but rather incorporating what works for him, which is the best way to develop your own personal style.

He took the color accent trend one step further with his very cool aviator-inspired Ray-Ban sunglasses. The bright blue arms on the sunglasses are subtle, but such a bold move in terms of eyewear. It adds just a touch of style and a dose of cool to an otherwise common accessory. I also loved the gradient lenses and square frames, they made his sunglasses look unique, and with the pop of bright blue, I couldn’t help but love!

Lastly, this Fashionisto’s watch also was a great choice and perfect example of adding in a hint of bright color. This Nixon timepiece is gray silicone, which lends it a cool sporty feel, but the neon orange hands of the clock are what really catches your eye. A very simple but perfect accessory to this put-together outfit. James Dean may have opted for a leather jacket and a cigarette rather than neon Vans and Ray-Bans with his white T-shirt and cuffed jeans, but it’s still just as much of a fashion statement today as it was in the 1950s!

Hint: Sometimes simple is better, keeping your look clean and classic doesn’t have to mean boring! Some of the most stylish outfits are the ones that don’t show off every trendy item you own. Keep your look simple and add in fantastic details like bright shoes or nice sunglasses and let those pieces do the talking.

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