LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Planned Vacation

This week’s Fashionisto spends his hot summer days in style as he casually pulls off a tropical theme with his outfit. From his Hawaiian detailed print on his shirt, to the floral canvas shoes, he clearly puts thought and effort into creating and defining this theme. The carefree and light outfit is great for any Fashionisto that wants to make a good first impression on anyone. While very casual, it gives of an easy-going vibe and will show off a breezy personality.

The small details in this outfit really make it complete. For example, the slight contrast of colors on the yoke and the body of the chambray shirt, or the rolled up sleeves. The leather detailing on the base of the canvas backpack also adds in its own depth to the look, as well as the shoelace belt tying up the frayed chino shorts to enhance an unpolished touch.

To switch up some of the details on this look, one could try a pair of fun-colored socks and neutral shoes rather than the floral shoes, or ditch the backpack and add a cool flat brimmed hat.

Fashionistos should strive to have an organized look with plenty of small details. This keeps people wanting more. The Fashionisto this week did it perfectly without overwhelming viewers with excessive patterns or overcompensating for the lack of layers with the hot summer temperatures.

Hint: When choosing an outfit, try to stick with a theme to avoid a confused look. Rather than mixing grunge, resort and prep, choose just one. Work on enhancing details in order to project the theme properly. This keeps viewers interested and allows them to have a sense of flow while looking at your ensemble.



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