LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Polished in Palm Trees

On my journey to the city this week, I couldn’t control my shopping impulse once I saw the huge, pink, in-your-face “up to 70 percent off” signs plastered onto all of Topshop’s windows. It wasn’t a bad decision at all. I got a cute dress and I also found this week’s Fashionisto.

It’s incredible to look back at what guys wore during my early high school years: baggy T-shirts practically down to their knees. Now it’s the exact opposite! A few years ago, guys my age wearing anything other than slightly saggy jeans would definitely gain attention, and not the good kind. Loose fit, no more! Tailored fit is in and I don’t see anyone complaining!

One trend that I’ve been really fond of lately is button-ups like the one this Fashionisto has on. Not just limited to prints, but also in chambray, plaid and an infinite amount of other choices, button-ups come in every style. I’m pretty sure Fashionistos everywhere are praising the fashion gods for the shorter sleeve style hitting store racks, considering New York City is in the middle of a heat wave.

Reminiscing about how fashion has evolved over these past years, I’d also like to bring up the risks taken nowadays in regards to patterns and prints. Looking through my yearbook, I noticed a trend in prints and patterns. For the “cool” kids, there was only one pattern: plaid. Well, hasn’t that changed! Guys are donning patterns and prints ranging from bright neon Fresh Prince-esque prints to tie-dye acid wash to those Hawaiian prints tourists wear that you used to swear you’d never be caught dead in. There’s no pattern a male has not worn or print that hasn’t been stamped and shipped to your local Urban Outfitters or Topman. Going back to that Hawaiian print, our Fashionisto’s shirt makes me want to hop on the next plane out to an island! The palm trees and airplanes are subdued yet quirky.

What I admire most about today’s generation is how it’s been straying from jersey fabrics and blue jeans and leaning more towards chinos and polished looks. This Fashionisto could easily repurpose this outfit for a few drinks with friends, a date or class. His shoes aren’t your typical Sperrys or slip-ons. They’re an oxymoron in a way, polished yet casual and effortlessly cool.

Hint: Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you have to abandon your killer style! Update your wardrobe with some better, more summer-friendly options. For example, instead of wearing your Doc Martens in the middle of July heat (which never sounded like a good idea to begin with), switch them out for some lighter shoes like the ones our Fashionisto’s wearing. Your basic TOMS are also a great option. Sick of rolling that chambray shirt up to your elbows? Well luckily, as I mentioned before, short sleeves are in! Get yourself a chambray in a cool wash, and save that other one for a late night beach bonfire.

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