LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Quality is the Key

High temperatures combined with high humidity can make life uncomfortable, especially for people in Taiwan. Recently, the hot weather in Taiwan has made people lazy to dress up. I started to notice that people care more about the quality of fabric rather than the fancy style of the clothing now. Partially because that people think better quality fabrics can defeat the high humidity. Some simple T-shirts are designed in a way that help people stay cool and comfortable.

According to this week’s Fashionisto, “In order to seek out better fabric choices, it is best to try garments on for fit and comfort, as clothing that is tight or fits oddly can be maddening in hot weather.” He is a T-shirt lover who cares more about the quality of the clothings than the style. Today’s Fashionisto shows us how to dress comfortably rather than too fancy.

For him, he thinks this light gray color T-shirt is really comfortable to wear and easy to go with other items. This simple graphic T-shirt from H&M is great. He’s added some nice dark washed denim, which I believe every guy needs in his closet this summer. By having fitted jeans, his outfit looks a little more modified. Try some like these from Urban Outfitters. He paired the denim with a paired of black sneakers from Converse. He has updated this basic formula with a blue five-pocketed messenger bag, and looks totally interesting. For the accessories, he has the crystal earrings and stylish silver metal watch.

Try changing out the Converse sneakers for something more fun and comfortable such as Toms shoes or even Sperry’s for summer days. It only takes one simple change to become a unique individual.

P.S. The Fashionisto wanted me to mention that he wasn’t unhappy, but just really shy!



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