This week’s look is that look that doesn’t seem to want to go anywhere. Yes you are hearing me correctly, the look I am referring to is what some like to call the “Lax Bro.” Countless fraternity brothers and lacrosse players have gone on to create the term in reference to their certain attire preferences. While it’s not my favorite look for a fellow to wear, I still thought this week’s Fashionisto was able to pull through and score a goal with how he put it together.

This “Lax Bro” wore a pair of khaki cargo shorts like this pair from American Eagle. A bright red T-Shirt was the perfect pop of color to add on as an attention grabber since it sure caughgt mine. Like the typical lacrosse player white tube socks are a must and this Fashionisto was no exception to that rule. He also wore a pair of socks with colored Sperry Top-Siders. A crisp white University of Rhode Island baseball cap, turned backwards of course puts the finishing touches to his look.

Maybe this Fashionisto’s style is just what you’re looking for this summer, go ahead and try it out yourself. A fitted V-Neck T-Shirt in any of the primary colors would be a perfect pick for this season. You could then try and match it with any pair of colored shorts, I suggest a yellow shirt with navy blue chino shorts like these ones from J.Crew. Of course you can’t forget the tube socks and baseball caps. Wear one that represents your school and show your pride.

As long as you show your school spirit and channel your inner jock, it should be easy for you to pull off this Fashionisto’s look. Go out there, relax and dressing like a “Lax Bro” will now come easy.

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