Casual and simple still seems to be the motto for summer fashion. With the variation in weather, choosing an outfit can be quite daunting. Instead of re-wearing that shirt you just wore several times (maybe without washing), put in some effort to change up your outfits. While basketball shorts and T-shirts may be comfortable right now, your wardrobe’s basics are not that far off.

Putting a spin on a simple T-shirt or V-neck, this Fashionisto opted for a long-sleeve Henley. While this shirt is definitely not your typical go-to for a muggy summer day, it does add great appeal to an otherwise plain outfit. Wearing the sleeves at three-quarters length keeps the look fresh and catered to summer weather. His choice to pair it with at-the-knee khaki shorts also kept the look modern and mature.

Truly, the first thing I noticed about this Fashionisto’s look was his choice in shades. With the Ray-Ban trend finally dying down, classic shapes such as aviators can steal back the spotlight. However, the real showstopper from his outfit was the watch he sported on his left arm. The wrist watch, an understated classic, has been edging its way into teenage and young adult fashion this summer. While your smartphone may do the trick, nothing tells time better than a wristwatch. In such style, this practical accessory can be worn with any outfit, anytime and anywhere. With these simple additions this Fashionisto took his outfit from predictable to ultra-cool.

In the midst of a sunny downpour, this Fashionisto proved to be practical, yet modern. His pairing of clothes to accessories proved that you can look casual and put together even when the weather makes you feel otherwise.

Hint: Don’t assume putting on a watch makes you look too old. In fact, putting on a watch saves you from constantly checking your phone for the time. It also adds a style update, almost instantly, to every outfit. While they can get expensive, they are a timeless piece that you can use forever. Also, switching out a V-neck for an unusual option, such as a henley, keeps your outfit updated yet casual.

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