LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Seersucker in Summer

Well, this is my last post before I get back to the lovely Charlottesville for summer classes. Jacksonville certainly has had its fair share of heat and humidity, and there is still a bit longer of the summer heat. Also, I hear that Charlottesville is almost as hot and humid as Jacksonville, so this post should be appropriate for both places.

This Fashionisto is able to wear the dressier outfit of long pants, yet he is still able to remain cool because they are seersucker. His blue and white seersucker pants are accompanied with a short sleeve pink Ralph Lauren polo shirt. Although the two do not match exactly, they have the same softness in color and both give off a fun, summery vibe. He also has a pair of dark leather Sperry Top-Siders which is an easy, dressy and comfortable shoe and does not take away from the combination of baby blue and soft pink.

Although the seersucker pants and Ralph Lauren polo are a markers of a preppy outfit, this Fashionisto manages to look sharp and dressed up but not too preppy.

Hint: To get a look like this, you have to play with your preppy side – choose your choice of colored polo and pair it with a pair of seersucker pants that would complement the shirt well. If you want to be extra cool (in the temperature sense!), you could also try seersucker shorts and a polo shirt. As long as the top and bottom are in the same color tone, the two colors can be different. Then, add summery dress shoes to pull the outfit together. Wear this, and you will be ready for your next summer party!

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