Do you ever think about why people wear accessories? In the Medieval days only the Kings and Queens and all the influential people used to wear accessories because they were the only people that could afford it and it was a sign of how rich they were. Due to the reason that most of accessories were made of real gold and expensive gems during old times. Nowadays, people wear accessories for different reasons such as following their own traditions, impressing others or completing their satisfaction.

Many of us look to magazines for the newest trends for the upcoming seasons, this Fashionisto creates a look that he calls his own. Today’s Fashionisto is an accessory-lover who can’t say no to any silver stylish accessories. He chose to wear a silver ring which is designed like a hand holding a yellow diamond. In addition, he also matched his silver ring with a silver snake necklace. Since he was tending to focus on his special accessories more than his clothing, he just wore a simple navy T-shirt with a pair of dark jeans. I like how he decided to just focus on one thing because it make more sense.

I personally like how he opted to finish off with the dark leather boots, without a doubt, one of my favorite pieces from this particular Fashionisto’s outfit. These pairs of dark leather boots matched his outfit perfectly in a stylish way and I admired his persistence of wearing them even though it was really hot outside. If you want similar boots, you can check out some here. Dr. Martens Airwair Boots have become a fashion trend in the past few years.

Hint: Since he loves silver accessories, I would suggest a nice silver watch to go with the silver theme. On the other hand, he could also go with a silver belt. Rock yourself with your accessories, guys.

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