Bold colors, prints and patterns played a major role for a couple of seasons now, but they are now slowly fading away as neutrals make a comeback. Though bold colors will never leave the fashion scene, I feel that they are going to take a step back this coming season as neutrals take over. Neutrals have a limitless audience and can be worn by anyone and everyone without having to worry about if something matches. That was one of the issues that some had with the bold colors, every color does not fit everyone. Do not get me wrong, I love my bold colors but recently I have taken a step back to enjoy my neutrals. It has been so much easier to get ready in the morning by having more neutrals in my closet and not having to worry about clashing colors.

I spotted this Fashionisto walking from the student union when his clean neutral look caught my eye. His outfit is the perfect example of how to pair neutrals to create a clean and sophisticated look. The outfit also can be classified into the military inspired trend as mentioned in my last post. One thing that I would like to point out from this Fashionisto’s outfit would be the fit. By wearing a slim fitted top and bottom you are able to accomplish a clean look. This Fashionisto wore a forest green crewneck paired with slim fit black denim to utilize the neutral trend. For shoes, he wore rugged worn in desert boots which added some edge as well as toughness to his clean look. A timeless leather strap watch was used to accessorize as well as a pair of tortoise shell sunglasses to finish off the look.

Hint: By having more neutral colors in your wardrobe, you are able to mix and match more easily while keeping your outfit simple yet sophisticated.

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