LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Skatin’ in the Rain

I found this Fashionisto pausing on his skateboard to dig an umbrella out of his backpack as big raindrops started to splatter the road. A dreary, rainy and humid day on campus led to a lot of weatherproof outfits, however this Fashionisto didn’t let the thunderstorms darken his day, or his style.

Stripes have become a substantial trend this summer, and are seen on shorts, hats, shoes and especially tanks, similar to the one worn by this Fashionisto. Tank tops for men have made a reappearance this summer, and are a fashionable option to beat the heat. He matches his tank top with a pair of sleek and complementary shorts. In order to overcome the complexities of skateboarding around a busy city, this Fashionisto sports a pair of skate shoes. Richmond is a city filled with skateboarders, walkers, runners, bicyclists and even tri-cyclists. No matter what your mode of transportation is, it is possible to combine support with fashion when choosing your footwear.

And what is that showing across the Fashionisto’s shoulders? Could it be a backpack? Yes, it is. More frequently, Fashionistos are stepping away from the boring, and are choosing to express their style through their backpacks. Whether it be patterned, cartoon-charactered or uniquely colored, Fashionistos are accessorizing themselves with what used to be a strictly practical item. This Fashionisto’s patterned backpack takes his outfit to the next level.

Hint: When picking out footwear, choose a pair of shoes with a pattern or unique color combo to enhance your look. Also, make sure to pick out a tank top that pops. These tanks can be paired with jeans or slacks along with shorts. A trendy hat can also add to a look like this Fashionisto’s.

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