LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Speak Softly And Carry A Big Stick

On or off the college campus, the most remarkable Fashionistos create their own unique images by bringing their personalities to their style. With the emergence of websites like Pinterest and Etsy, trends today encourage people to design and create their own clothing and accessories to showcase and market to online communities. Personalized trademarks tend to catch eyes while stimulating passersby to discover their own creative impulses.

I caught up with this Fashionisto outside of a local coffee joint, first noticing his hand painted walking stick. He informed me that he currently creates his own clothing, designing his own prints and art pieces to sell around town.

The shirt he sports is the focal center of his outfit, printed with an original drawing in contrasting navy and orange colors. He layers a short sleeve button-up over the shirt so that the colors pop. The layering also gives the outfit more air flow, and the outermost layer can be removed when outside temperatures rise.

The aspects of his outfit that really catch eyes, however, are the off the wall accessories he pairs with his clothing items. He wears a simple titanium ring that he claims wards off ghosts, and with the same hand he clutches a walking stick that he has painted to match the spots of a giraffe. He tops off his outfit with a green bandana that both keeps hair out of his face and highlights the unrefined casualness of his ensemble.

Hint: Sometimes the most trendsetting Fashionistos are not the most conventional ones. Updating your style with the clothing and accessories that you feel most comfortable in is the easiest way to spark interests and conversation. Try adding an exciting pair of shoes or interesting hat to your outfit to make you stand out as one of a kind.

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