LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Stars and Stripes

Patriotic clothing is making its way into everyone’s closets this summer and they aren’t being worn just for the holidays. Fashionistas are strutting down the streets with high-waisted shorts that are decorated with their countries flag while Fashionistos tend to stick with the typical patriotic T-shirts. I have noticed that Fashionistos usually stay within the lines when it comes to patriotic items. Let’s just say we don’t see them strutting around the streets with patriotic pants on!

I was completely enthused when I saw this Fashionisto walking to class. Why, you may ask? He took a chance and unlike others, he wore a thick American flag headband. I had never seen a male rock a headband like that (disregarding glam rock) and I have to say it was an exciting experience—I love when people take chances and wear what they want to wear! He rocked this headband with a black and white striped tank, accompanied by some cut-off black shorts and gray Logan Effertzans. Since this Fashionisto wore black and white it really made the headband pop! Plus, if he would have worn other strong colors it may have made the outfit look too busy. On a lighter note, this Fashionisto’s look is a must for summer because it is fun and unexpected!

Hint: When deciding which patriotic item to add to your outfit, make sure to take a risk. Standing out is a wonderful gift and is something everyone should embrace. So, next time you go shopping, don’t just grab the first patriotic graphic T-shirt you see. Keep looking and find something unexpected. If you follow these simple steps you will definitely be making heads turn all summer long!

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