It’s the weekend, the sun is shining and there’s so much to do. At Indiana University, everyone has their own style, from greek life to hipster, the fashion varies. What drew me in was his street wear look. I did not see many people on campus that could pull off fashionable street style but this Fashionisto perfected it with his outfit.

This Fashionisto accessorized his look perfectly from his hat to his Vans. His hat is a Supreme/Liberty collaboration camp cap from Supreme and Liberty’s spring and summer line. While this hat is sold out on the online store by popular demand due to Supreme’s collaboration with the historic brand, Liberty, Supreme carries a variety of other hats. But maybe the street style isn’t your thing, don’t worry hats are in this summer no matter what type of style you choose. Hats are both useful and fashionable since it can set off your outfit and give you that added pop that your outfit needs. While there are many prints seen on hats to choose from, floral prints are all the rage for hats this summer.

This Fashionisto pairs his hat with a button-down shirt from Supreme. Its nice pattern adds to its appeal. Supreme has a variety of patterned shirts that you can choose from that you can mix and match with any style. Patterns and bold colors are in this summer and they are perfect pairs for printed hats.

Hint: Floral is not just in for hats, it’s in for all your different accessories. When mixing floral into your outfit, try picking one bold accessory that you want to stand out with floral. Then work from there and pair your shirts and shorts with the darker colors in the floral so you don’t go overboard with patterns.

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