LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Striking in Shearling

Historically speaking, the shearling jacket has deviated from it’s original purpose: flying jackets. Leslie Irvin was the first to design the classic, sheepskin jacket and supplied the British air force with them during World War II. So it’s original purpose may have been one of necessity, but now the jacket is an essential item in fashion, too.

This Fashionisto rocks a tan, suede version of the classic garment. He pops his collar for a little extra flair. Shearling jackets usually come with a suede or leather outer layer, but in either form they are a comfortable, timeless item. This Armani Jeans peacoat is a unique take on shearling, while this L.L.Bean goes back to the jacket’s original form.

Underneath his coat, this Fashionisto layers it up, but without the bulk, in a gray knit cardigan and a light blue, subtly polka dotted button-up. Sometimes the quality of the layers outweighs the number, so instead of multiple cotton layers, try a wool one, like this from Patagonia.

For the rest of his ensemble, he pulls the look together with a pair of tan slacks and brown sneakers, ready to take on a day of school and walking in the cold ― though flying a plane, I’m not so sure.

Hint: Buy a statement jacket for the winter that’s both warm and fashionable. It’s easy to get in a fashion rut during these winter months, but a stylish coat will liven up any outfit and any day.

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