Warning: wearing black in the summer is a risk. Your fabric will absorb heat while you’re outside. Additionally, with all of your peers keeping colors on the lighter end of the gamut, you are guaranteed to stand out from the sea of light, bright and pastel outfits. When composing an outfit that will attract attention, it’s always important to ask yourself if you’ll feel comfortable. Truly, choosing mostly black in the summer is a move for Fashionistos that dress to suit themselves .

You’ve probably heard before that black suits should not be worn in the summer unless for a funeral. Yes, a black suit can be somewhat limiting compared to navy or gray. Black can seem severe to some extent, causing the majority of people to avoid it in more casual situations. The fact remains that if you feel confident, you can get away with wearing anything, “faux-pas” or not. When you come across well-dressed people, the number one shared trait that you will realize they ALL have in common — regardless of their personal style, gender, race, age, shape or budget — is that they look  happy with what they’re wearing. Today’s Fashionisto is the perfect example of this.

For any event with dimmed lights or at night, black suits can look spectacularly classy. The trickier look to pull off is a black suit for day, whether it’s for Sunday morning church like this Fashionisto, school or the office. If you’re going to an event that’s not extremely formal (e.g., funeral), you’re definitely not required to stick with a white shirt and black tie. In fact, you should use colors and patterns to lighten your outfit’s overall tone and diminish heavy contrasts. Interest-adding accessories could entail pocket squares, ties, cuff-links, tie clips, belts, suspenders or shoes. Today’s Fashionisto makes his suit work for day with a kelly green Oxford tie with coordinating greens and blues.

As with most any outfit, details matter. Accessorize your suit with self-assurance and I promise you, nobody will care that it’s black. After all, you are wearing a suit, the epitome of timeless fashion. You’ll look less stiff if you button your top button only. Some general advice for blazers and suits is to dry clean them minimally because the chemicals are very harsh. Always hang your suit or blazer up immediately after every wear on a proper wooden hanger (NO wire hangers!). An ill-fitting suit will ruin your look, so take good care of your suit’s shape and if it isn’t already well-fitting, take it to a tailor.

Hint: There are a lot of weddings in the summer and it’s imperative to always follow the groom’s example and the invitation dress code. If the groom is going to be wearing something more casual like a linen suit, then you should too. It’s essential to dress and behave in a respectful way that is going to let the couple have the spotlight. You don’t want your suit to be what people are talking about.


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