It was a bright and sunny day when I spotted this Fashionisto walking to class. Since the weather has been so hot in Florida, it is hard not to see everyone sporting a plain T-shirt with light khaki shorts, jeans and flip flops. So it is obvious that this Fashionisto’s bright summer ensemble grabbed my attention immediately.

This Fashionisto is wearing a white T-shirt with a giraffe graphic on it, salmon colored shorts and simple flip flops. This Fashionisto’s T-shirt is definitely what made him stand out. The giraffe graphic on this Fashionisto’s T-shirt gives this whole outfit its unique flair. These days, it is not very difficult to spot this animal trend in almost every store you walk into. From leopard to elephants, whatever the animal is, the animal trend has been huge this summer season and this Fashionisto wears it flawlessly.

Not only that, but the bright colors in this outfit screamed summertime. I have rarely seen a guy wear salmon colored shorts or rather anything salmon colored. Yet, this Fashionisto makes the color work so well with his unique T-shirt, brown backpack and casual flip flops.

Overall, I love how this Fashionisto took a chance with fashion. He shows us that the T-shirt does not always have to be plain and bland, but you can take a risk with it. There are many stylish and unique T-shirts out there that is as versatile as any other T-shirt you might have in your closet.

Hint: If you are not comfortable wearing salmon colored shorts there are alternatives, like red or purple shorts that you can wear for a chic look. You can also find many unique T-shirts like the one this Fashionisto is sporting at stores like Cotton On or online at Threadless, where you can design your own T-shirt. This summer try getting a few graphic T-shirts with animal details on them for a unique spin to your old plain T-shirt collection.

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