Skinny jeans have blown up as one of the hottest trends worldwide in our decade. Not only are these slim-fitted pants acceptable for women nowadays, but also for fashion-forward men. The tight silhouette is not for every male on the block, however when paired with all the right pieces they truly present a stylish look. No need to worry about wearing slacks every time you dress up—men’s skinny jeans are a hipper, sleeker alternative. They’re versatile, so feel free to wear them anywhere, any time of day.  With the right shoes and shirt men’s skinnies can create a great business casual look that can transform into a going out look.

I spotted this Fashionisto sipping on a cappuccino in front of the campus Starbucks and noticed how well he pulled off his black denim skinny jeans. His slender body type makes the pants appear sleek and streamline…which is everything they should be! Skinny jeans for men create a cleaner line when worn with high or low top sneakers, loafers or Italian leather shoes. I also really loved how his distressed oxfords complemented the entire look. Oxfords and saddle shoes are a classic trend for both men and women and they bring a sense of formality to an ensemble. The distressed worn toe detail on his shoes adds character. It seems as if these flats have been passed down to him from another generation.

His choice to wear the black denim with a navy button-down was also interesting to me. Normally men would only choose black and black, or another neutral color. However, I think the dark colors work well together and add a sense of depth and surprise for a summer look. His wooden jewelry adds more of a summertime touch. The brown beaded bracelet and leather band watch pick up the same vintage flair as his shoes. Accessories really add so much personality to men’s fashion. I always recommend men to buy basic items in solid colors for tops and bottoms and try spicing up their looks with their own sense of style in the accessories.

Hint: Men’s skinny jeans are super fashionable and taking a classic stand in the world today. They have almost become a basic in the male wardrobe and aren’t fading out anytime soon, so stock up on skinny jeans that come in an array of colors! Hot trends right now are black, gray or white men’s skinny jeans.

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