LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Superman is Coming

The legendary red-caped superhero is back with a bang, and this time not just to protect the citizens of earth, but to rewrite the superhero stereotype. The recent movie “Man of Steel” has been influencing Superman’s fans incredibly, and in different ways. It seems that supporting the U.S. spirit in fashion has become quite the trend this past year. Superman is definitely considered to be one of the U.S. symbols, so I was really excited to see this Fashionisto supporting U.S. spirit even in Taiwan. That’s why when I ran into this Fashionisto, I knew I needed to stop him and discuss his outfit.

This week’s Fashionisto wasn’t so daring with his accessories. Paired with his Superman blue T-shirt is a pair of khaki colored cargo shorts and navy leather loafers with front tie. Our Fasionisto’s gorgeous loafers with the front tie are from Lacoste. In addition, he mentioned they were really comfortable to wear and they came at a good price. He concluded by accenting his T-shirt and loafers which a matched theme in color: white, blue and red. For accessories he was rocking a camouflage, stylish, graphic print backpack. By not trying too hard, this Fashionisto has achieved a not so laid back but comfortable look.

Hint: If the Fashionisto wants to keep his Superman spirit, but also wants to add something to it. I would suggest the Fasionisto add a belt or a watch. A belt can really add to an ensemble and can also dictate the overall style of one. As we can see, this Fashionisto is a fan of superman products so he could try and incorporate this navy red stripe webbing plaque belt from J.Crew which might give his look a more put together feel. On the other hand, there is a website called “SuperHeroStuff” which might give this Fashionsito an idea of some things to add to his wardrobe.


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