With humidity lingering from recent rainfalls, there hasn’t been much use for that extra layer to finish off an ensemble. A T-shirt, pair of jeans and a few essential accessories are simply all that are needed to get the day started with muggy weather dominating the outdoors. For the most part, the T-shirt-and-jeans look can get a bit predictable, but this Fashionisto undeniably styled his outfit in a manner that best demonstrates his style – cool, simple and practical.

Check out this Fashionisto’s raw-edge, scoop neck detail. For a plain, basic T-shirt, this one sure adds a great amount of interest to his ensemble. The bold hue and hints of color on both sneakers and cap adds to the summery feel without overbearing this look. Keeping his accessories manageable with a classic black watch and leather bracelets is always a bonus to any outfit, as well.

I’d like to think of this Fashionisto’s ensemble as the perfect summer look. As much as we long for a sun-drenched beach fantasy, the real world has a whole different plan for us. Internships, summer school, full-time jobs – the list goes on and on. It’s important to dress for functionality and practicality, without sacrificing your sense of style, of course.

Hint: Don’t hesitate to experiment with your T-shirts. Many retailers provide plenty of affordable options with unique details that, quite frankly, would cost a whole lot less and look way cooler if you gathered a few basic supplies and embarked on a D.I.Y. journey yourself!

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