This week in downtown Chicago, I was lucky enough to run into this Fashionisto—lucky because he turned out to be the head honcho in the men’s department (A.K.A. “Topman“) of the big Topshop store on Michigan Avenue! He really knew his stuff, and more! I even got a tour of their Men’s Stylist Lounge…Can someone say V.I.P? Needless to say, I absorbed a lot of great advice and facts regarding this season of men’s fashion. Hopefully in a future article I’ll be able to share my Topshop experiences with this Fashionisto and all of his wonderful knowledge and expertise about how men should be trending this summer.

To me, blazers just scream high class and that you’re looking for business. The always-classy Brooks Brothers carries many styles that are quite pricey—but let me tell you, those blazers and sport coats are the cream of the crop. At more modest prices, Topman actually does offer a very nice array of blazers. Nordstrom also offers numerous blazers, and for every budget.

This Fashionisto noted that burgundy is a hot color this season. He’s working it in his pants! His cropped chinos particularly look great because although they are perfectly cuffed at the bottom and the fit isn’t too tight, the red color breaks away from the “proper” vibe that chinos can give off, showing people that this Fashionisto is a daring and fun class-act.

As for the loafers, check Zappos for a great selection of the classic shoes in a great selection of prices! They really pull together any outfit well, so be sure to protect your leather with some sort of waterproof spray before taking ’em out and rocking ’em!

You can find a simple button-down shirt almost anywhere! The light pink color just might be a bit harder to snag… but it’s key, so try your hardest to locate a store that carries men’s pastel pieces. Forever 21 has a great one for an amazing price.

Hint: This Fashionisto calls it the “smart look.” See how polished and prim he looks? This is a major trend for the summer. Almost looking a bit east coast-y. This Fashionisto recommends going for classic pieces such as collared shirts and button-downs, nice leather loafers (classy and grampa-esque, am I right?) and even a blazer and some awesome, big glasses if you feel ready to go all out. You want to pull together those items that make you look like you just came from the library but are ready to go out for the night and socialize casually—because yes, thereis a difference between the smart look and just looking straight up nerdy.


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