One of my personal favorite things to get dressed up for is the famous date night! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting all dolled up for that special someone. Whether you are trying to impress on a first date or simply keeping the attraction going between a long-term partner, dressing up for date night is something flirtatious and fun to do. However, it seems that girls are always the eager ones to dress up—finally getting a chance to wear a new dress that matches perfectly with a favorite pair of heels. That’s why when I saw this spiffy Fashionisto looking as handsome as could  be, I had to recognize his accomplishments.

For this outfit, he centers all of his clothing choices around his plum colored pants (which I am in love with by the way). He matches the pants with a white pinstripe button-down shirt. By adding this pattern with the solid colored pants, it really breaks off what could be a monotonous outfit and turns it into something exciting and visually aesthetic. He then pairs his white shirt with some white sneakers and a white watch.

With this outfit, he is sure to make a great impression and secure that second date!

Hint: This outfit can be easily turned into something fit for an interview. Just exchange the sneakers for a pair of brown dress shoes and the white digital watch for a less flashy analog watch.  Before you know it, the employers will be calling you to congratulate you on your new job!

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