LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Tie-ing The Look Together

More and more Fashionistos are starting to wear ties with their outfits, not because they have to, but because they want to. It’s a stylish choice of accessory that becomes the focal point of any outfit, completely changing up otherwise typical looks. The key to pulling off the casual tie trend is to differentiate between a look that says, “I have a meeting with my professor/ job interview/ important date” and a look that boasts, “I just want to wear a darn tie!”

For far too long, the tie has been seen only as a sign of compliance and conventionality. That’s selling the tie’s true sartorial potential short and luckily, that way of thinking is changing. It used to be that rebellious style meant not wearing a tie. As the working world has become more casual, informal garments have become more accepted (not that harem pants are likely to become mainstream at the workplace any time soon). This means that dressing down won’t guarantee you’ll stand out like it once did. Now, the risk-taking boys with attitude and serious style are actually reaching for this once-symbol of conformity. Dressing up has always been a way to distinguish yourself, but now, knotting up can really make a statement. The less it’s expected, the stronger the statement.

Our Fashionisto proves that you don’t need a crazy bright color or zany pattern to attract attention (although, that could be a very interesting look in its own right). When picking out your tie, remember that you want to offset the rest of what you have on. You can bring your look together with complimentary or contrasting colors. You can also experiment with textures like wool, knit, cotton and even linen. Additionally, I suggest steering clear of shiny ties. The propensity exists for these styles to look overly professional or more suited for night time. They are not as likely to complement a casual look as well as a matte tie. Of course, don’t take my word for it. Try the look yourself and see what you like.

Ties are capable of elongating your torso and streamlining your silhouette. Just as with wearing a tie formally, when casually wearing a tie, it needs to hang at the belt line. Give attention to the width of your tie. Casual ties are usually somewhat narrower than formal ones. Keep the width around 3 inches. Wearing a slimmer tie instantly creates a more casual look.

Hint: As for the rest of your ensemble, the casual tie trend is about wearing the accessory when it’s least expected. Follow this Fashionisto and try shorts and a t-shirt. By layering a collared shirt beneath, he gives the tie a visual context. The collar anchors the tie visually, as well as physically (no one likes a flapping, floppy tie!). If you take only one lesson away from today’s confident Fashionisto, let it be this–you don’t need to wear a suit in order to wear a tie.


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