Sometimes you just might be surprised by how quickly time goes by. We didn’t even realize it was the time to start the next chapter of our lives. July is one of the exciting months because it could mean a variety of opportunities for college students: vacation, studying, working or applying for a new job. If you’ve decided to apply for an internship or a new job, you’re going to need to know how to dress appropriately. For men, it’s the standard business suit. These days, we see younger men hoping to do more with their outfits than just wearing the classic normal suits. Of course, accessories can give each business look its own attractiveness.

What I particularly admired about his outfit was his selection to wear a casual blue jacket as opposed to the usual overly picked blazer. This Fashionisto has achieved a not so laid back but impressive look. His choice of blue jacket distinguishes him from other business men but also looks professional at some point. Other distinguished items in his outfit were his Kenneth Cole loafers, his Bally belt and his Ray-Ban glasses. Specifically, Ray-Bans have been seen on just about everyone, even business men. With the combination of the silver and the black layer of his belt, this Fashionisto emanates personality through his accessories.

Unlike other businessmen, this Fashionisto carried a stylish Clarks black backpack instead of using classic business briefcase. The bag was actually multi-functional since it could be used as both backpack and handbag.

Hint: It is very easy to make your suit wear look impressive by adding a tie, watch or even some unique accessories. Business men still have the right to play with some fun accessories. If you are bored with a simple tie, please try this Liberty tie in the summer morning floral print from J.Crew.

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