The gorgeous beaches, fishing excursions and bike riding — all things I was looking forward to about vacationing in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. But what was I most excited about? The fashion! And the prepsters around every corner did not disappoint. I spotted this Fashionisto at a local seafood joint, and with that amazing shirt, how could you miss him?

This ensemble is all about the statement shirt. His could not be more appropriate for the lobster-crazed area of Cape Cod. It takes a lot of confidence to rock such a boldly patterned shirt, but by streamlining the rest of the outfit, it totally works. I love this print for the nautical-happy Cape Cod, but for something that would be easier to pull off in suburbia, try a print that’s less loud either in size of the pattern or color of the print. Or, you can even try it in a polo shirt for a more casual look.

I love this Fashionisto’s choice of shorts. The creamsicle orange color is so perfect for summer — light enough to match a multitude of your clothes, but also a cool color that is different from your everyday khaki. While what some may consider an odd choice to pair with the red of the lobsters, I like this Fashionisto’s sense of fun with fashion. Why not pair a wild lobster print top with peach shorts on vacation? Summer trips are the best time to experiment with all your favorite items. These shorts also fit this Fashionisto very well, which is important when wearing such a eye-catching top, you don’t want ill-fitting pants to distract from all the fun going on upstairs!

His accessories also add to the eclectic mix of this Fashionisto’s fun summer outfit. A tooled leather belt with a silver buckle was a great choice. Belts are always crucial, a Fashionisto should never forget such a vital outfit staple. His blue boat shoes are the perfect touch to carry on the nautical feel of his whole ensemble, and the three-toned colors add interest to otherwise common footwear.

Hint: Embrace the art of mixing and matching! There’s nothing wrong with a little color clash, especially when on vacation and with so many awesome summer colors to play with. Sometimes, the magic is in the mix.

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