It’s always so rewarding to find new ways to show off items that you already have. By gaining inspiration from others you can take a peek into your wardrobe and go shopping for a whole new outfit without spending a single cent simply by pairing different items together. I think that every man owns at least one white wife beater tank in his closet.

Ordinarily Fashionistos wear the staple shirt underneath their ensemble to create a clean professional appearance. On the contrary the wife beater is also unfortunately very infamous for making appearances in street style in the likes of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline circa 2003. Nonetheless, I actually admire how this Fashionisto took the basic undergarment and displayed it in his look in a fashion forward way. Still, that’s not to say you can get any ideas of wearing the tank by itself—that would be a major fashion faux pas if worn outside a 50 foot premises of the confines of your own home. If you’re going to display the white tank in a look, then it needs to be paired with a casual, open-buttoned shirt. This is a great way of balancing cool with classic. This Fashionisto managed to show off his undergarments and pull off the tough boy look, without looking too grungy.

His choice in accessories definitely vamped this casual cool look, making his taste seem very high end. Jewelry, leather, a statement belt and sneakers were found to make the wife beater look much more rag & bone runway and a lot less K-Fed backup dancer. Being a huge fan myself, I couldn’t help but envy his black leather Converse high tops. Converse are a classic sneaker for men and woman that will always be in fashion. They are timeless and are always being redesigned to portray current trends. The leather gives the shoe a rugged new look, especially when worn with distressed fitted skinnies and a beat up leather messenger bag.

Hint: People tend to think of jewelry for men in extremes; however, in reality jewelry should look like a simple personal touch. You don’t want to feel flashy or uncomfortable, so try with one piece like a necklace or a bracelet first. If you like the trend try adding a few more unique pieces. This Fashionisto sports a few distressed vintage silver rings. They seem special and characteristic without distracting from the rest of his outfit.

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