LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: We Like the Sound of That

As weird as this may sound (no pun intended), oversized headphones are an ongoing trend — it might even be replacing oversized purses (cross your fingers!). But there’s something about oversized headphones that gives an Im strolling around, jamming out to my music and I don’t care vibe. Headphones are rockers’ and music lovers’ new favorite accessory and this Fashionisto does an excellent job in demonstrating why.

I’ve talked about many types of casual, laid back styles before and this is just a different twist on the take. This Fashionisto demonstrates his rocker/cool take to the infamous laid back style with his oversized headphones. The Fashionisto does a great job in grabbing your attention with his headphones — it was hard to pass by him and not get sucked into his cool vibe. With an eye-grabbing accessory like that there isn’t much more needed when going for a rocker, laid back feel like he did here. The Fashionisto wears a simple fitted tee with a pair of fitted gray jeans. The Fashionisto continues his cool vibe by dressing his black dress shoes with bright blue laces (another real eye catcher that we applaud). The Fashionisto carries around a brown leather messenger bag and a cool drink — both summer class time essentials.

Hint: Thank God for Dr. Dre and his headphones! Not only are they one of the lightest oversized headphones, they also deliver in sound quality. With Dr. Dre’s Mixr headphones you can hear your own music in the midst of a loud party (or a crowded CTA train) and still get the deepest bass so you won’t miss a single beat. Plus (as if we needed more to hear more), they’re available in a wide variety of trendy colors. Now the real questions is what color can you sport?

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