LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Wear For The Weather

Summer weather is very flimsy when it comes to the Northeast. It’s always a smart idea to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature could throw your way. This could include but is not limited to extreme heat, extreme cold, a breezey summer day and how could we forget the occasional monsoon that has been plauging the north this summer. Whichever environmental climate you find yourself in, make sure your outfit is easily adjustable.

This week’s Fashionisto wore his outfit to adjust to the ever changing Rhode Island climate. He wore an indigo blue Ralph Lauren Polo paired with kakhi cargo shorts and a dark brown leather belt. A perfect combination for a hot and muggy summer day in the Ocean State. His pair of traditional dark leather Sperry Top-Siders ties the ensemble together, as well as being the perfect pair of shoes for any kind of weather. Lastly, you can’t forget his unique Ray-Ban inspired sunnies with a perfect pop of color to catch the sun while it’s still shining.

Want to take this Fashionisto’s day time, sunny weathered inspired outfit to a more night time and rainy weather affair? Try wearing a long sleeved Rugby Ralph Lauren Polo in a striped pattern for a statement piece. A North Face rain jacket is perfect for adding not only a pop of color but also as a reliable article of clothing to stop your stylish outfit from getting rained on.

All summer long the weather can be bipolar. One minute it’s a gorgeous beach day and the next you’re hiding away in your car as the sky dumps the ocean down on you. But if you wear your outift according to the sudden, impending weather changes you’ll be sure to rock it. So Fashionistos, don’t forget to wear for the weather!

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